I have been interested in knives for as long as I can remember, and when I saw members of what was probably the begining of the Knifemaker's Guild displaying handmade knives in 1981/82 I decided that I too would like to make something as stunning as what I saw there. When I was given the opportunity to learn how to make them, I jumped at the chance.

The completion of a hand-crafted knife is a lengthy but highly rewarding exercise. Because of this, only the best available materials are used, and I endeavour to ensure that each knife made is superior to the one before.

For the blades, I generally use imported steel recognised by knife makers as excellent quality cutlery steel.

I personally harden and temper all my knives to between 58 and 60 on the Rockwell C scale. I also personally test the blades for hardness and provide a certificate of hardness with your knife.

Special orders, using Damascus, will be made on request, however because the manufacture of Damascus is highly labour and time intensive, it is relatively expensive. The beauty of the finished product, however, makes the cost worthwhile.

All standard knives are equipped with any one of the following indigenous hardwoods: Tambotie, Wild Olive, Iron Wood and Black & Red Ivory. Other handle materials, available at additional cost are elephant, hippo and warthog ivory, buck horn, jigged bone, stabilised and dyed giraffe shin bone and water buffalo horn. Synthetic materials, generally not as pleasing to the eye, but, which do not shrink, warp or crack, can also be used.

Brass, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel and/or Copper is used as coachwork.

All knives are supplied with hand sewn leather sheaths of best quality cow hide. Hand tooling on the leather can also be supplied.

I enjoy a challenge and will make any knife to a customer's specifications, subject to the practicality of the design. A full scale drawing is required prior to a quotation being supplied.

Prices are subject to the type of knife and/or materials used and will be supplied upon request.

A hand crafted knife is an investment and should be carefully looked after. The blade should be kept lightly oiled, and wooden handles should be periodically rubbed with good quality furniture oil.

When not in use, keep the knife wrapped in a soft cloth. Never keep it in a leather sheath, as the chemicals used during the tanning process are harmful to the blade.

All my knives are guaranteed for the life of the original purchaser or for as long as I am able to make knives, provided that they are used for their intended purpose and not subjected to abuse. I reserve the right to repair or replace.